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Our Team.

Our team is the core of our value proposition. We have carefully selected each team member for what they can bring to the vision of the company, each with a specific skill that completes our canvas like brushes of different colors do for an artist’s painting.  

The combined skills make all of our work a blend of solution meets quality meets satisfaction, to the point of creating bespoke and out-of-the-box results that foster referrals

We have an international perspective is not just a phrase with us - it is a way of life!

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Client Roster

Hello ! It's a pretty common way to make an introduction. But what you'll find after you've spent some time talking with us is that we tend to leave the usual and expected in the rear view mirror. At DsN, you’ll find everything you’d expect from a full –service agency.


But it is the things that you don’t expect that make us stand out. We are strategists and evangelists for our clients. The work we do moves beyond effective design, good storytelling and good management. More than simply defining you and your brand or curate your events, we help tell you what it means to your customers today – and what it could and should mean for them tomorrow.


We help you start the conversation – and engage your customers in a dialogue that is both logical and emotional. And oh yeah, we help you sell things.


Whether your company is top notch or drowning and waiting to be saved you are still going to need us, and yes we are still going to be here.


We Become You ! 

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Atlas Road | Kelela Building | #201

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

00 (251) 937 - 808487 

00 (251) 914 - 984626 

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