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Software Development Services


CryptiQ Solution's software development services combine engineering, design, and product management expertise to deliver innovative digital products and experiences.

Digital Transformation & Modernization

Leverage the power of emerging technologies and cloud-native architectures to evolve faster, scale easier, and unlock value.

Product Design & Customer Experience

Boost customer loyalty with a user-centric, data-backed process to create digital experiences that drive adoption, engagement, and transactions.

Product Development & Innovation

Quickly capitalize on opportunities with a strategic approach to finding the perfect balance between building the right product and building the product right.

Data Insights & Machine Learning

Gain actionable insights from your data and improve decision-making capabilities with analytics that are intelligent, accurate, and available in real time.

Digital Transformation & Enterprise Modernization

We work with companies to help them inject “startup DNA” into legacy processes while breaking down departmental silos and other barriers to innovation. We know organizations can’t change overnight, and we work towards expeditious wins to demonstrate the power of cloud-native architectures and truly agile processes. We consult with organizations to help them break away from the traditional model of building monolithic software applications and on-premise infrastructures.

CryptiQ focuses on engineering applications and re-architecting infrastructures that leverage cloud environments to deploy faster, scale easier, and fail less frequently. Our team develops applications independently of any underlying architecture to benefit from scalable cloud-native architectures and the technologies that underpin them, including Microservices, Containers, Dynamic Orchestration, and Continuous Delivery.

Digital Product Development & Innovation

We’ve mastered building the right product while building the product right. We act as your product development team, collaborating closely to help refine ideas and develop the necessary software to get products to launch. We focus on the problems we are solving by understanding users’ motivation and mitigating technical and business risks.

We collaborate with you to internalize your vision so we can make suggestions and give feedback on ways to balance immediate needs with the long-term direction, all while building on top of a solid technical foundation that will scale with your success.

Product Discovery

Concept Validation, Risk Mitigation, Prototyping

Project Management

Prioritization, Requirements Gathering, Forecasting

Product Strategy

Roadmapping, Split Testing, Instrumentation

User Testing

Usability Testing, Surveys, Interviews, Feedback

Product Design & Customer Experience


Our designers work side-by-side with engineers, PMs, and your software stakeholders, from ideation to implementation, assuming many roles, including investigator, researcher, architect, translator, advocate, and builder. We add value to the product interface from three perspectives, human, technology, and business, to find the intersection of desirability, feasibility, and viability. Doing this ensures the perfect user experience for a successful software outcome.

UI/UX/CX & Internationalization

Visual & Interaction Design, Wireframing, Style Guides, Accessibility

Rapid Prototyping

Interactive Prototypes, InVision / Figma, Front-end Development

Workflow Design

Optimized User Experiences, Key Interactions, Information Architecture

Data Visualization

Custom Charts, Interactive Visualizations, Dashboards

Data Insights & Machine Learning


CryptiQ develops custom analytics solutions that use the power of AI and machine learning to transform your data into powerful systems. We unlock tremendous ROI with comprehensive reporting capabilities and intuitive visualizations that turn your business into a scalable, data-driven organization.

We identify and automate the ingestion of structured and unstructured data aggregated from mission-critical operations across your organization. We tap into your data to create intelligent models for integrated systems and visuals for contextual understanding.

Our Technology Expertise


Our team is adept at modern technologies, languages, and frameworks that accelerate software delivery and reduce development costs.

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Docker / Kubernetes

Mesos / Marathon

Swagger / GraphQL

Travis / Circle CI

React / Redux

Java / Rust / Go

React Native

iOS / Android

VueJS / Vuex

Ruby / Rails

Elixir / Phoenix

JavaScript / Node / Electron

PyTorch / TensorFlow

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