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Wooden Partition
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Le Victor Hugo

Marakesh, Maroc

Interior design brief: A complete design concept with bespoke furnishings for a modern 70's apartment.

A dream project like this can only happen when your clients' appetite in color and design matches your own. The brief of a full design concept of a moder 70's style family apartment home, came only with one demand. No black!

The place needed to be light, modern and functional. First of all, a wooden parquet floor was laid throughout connecting all the rooms. All fixed furniture in bathrooms and rugs were made bespoke by D&K. Mondrian insprired bookshelves, metal doors and door handle designs were drawn up by hand in our studio - and once crafted, brought to life on site.

Polished concrete tiles used in the bathrooms provided a modern touch and geometric and floral tiles in soft pastels were a perfect fit for the kitched. Modern 70's style furniture sourced in walnut, artworks and fabrics in sunny warm tones were all carefully chosen for their authentic retro aesthetic. In the main living room (and to the delight of our clients) we had fun in creating a 70's style sunken seating area - The natural heart of the home.

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